My Philosophy

Born in Brazil, since very young I already had the desire of experiencing life outside the traditions of my own cultural background.

After completing my degree in Mechanical Engineering, driven by this strong impulse I left my hometown to experience life in a much more ecletic environment in Brazil, as an intermediate step towards my initial goal, which led me to spend one year working in the USA in the IT and Process improvement fields. The experience made me develop a great respect for the differences in humanity, build cross-cultural skills and brought me later to Switzerland, when I get the chance to go deeper in this journey and later the chance to get more in touch with my spirituality.


After going through a deep process of inner exploration through different organizations and teachers, I have become a very strong support for people as a mentor, coach and facilitator, and also an expert in Family and Systemic Constellations, which has been used in my work in a very creative and unique manner. And my skills as faciliator has got strongly influenced by the one-year training about Collective and Intergenerational Trauma I completed 2018, increasing my capacity to hold the space for inner exploration with my clients, as well as enhanced my natural ability to listening to people and witnessing their situations in a very gentle, caring way but still keeping objectivity and alignment with what is really needed.


One of my greatest motivations in life is the practical application of spirituality, to find ways of applying it in environments usually not seen as spiritual, like corporate environments and social groups. And I am also very interested in supporting people in understanding better the role of money, sexuality and work in our lives.


Through regular practices and research I am also deeply engaged in understanding how mind shapes our experiences in life and increasing the level of awareness in a way that thoughts can no longer dictate how one should feel or perceive the World.


"As within, so without. As above, so below."

~Hermes Trimegistus