• Antonio Silva

Audio for Meditation - Experiencing the Void

For many this might not make any sense, but for some maybe. This audio was created after discussions with a good friend who has become one of my partners in exploring the power of our subconscious mind and I have been exploring ways of reaching a state of emptiness in my mind, basically to improve my concentration for other goals I currently have in Life. Then the idea of creating an audio track to be used before falling asleep and right after waking up came to me. If you are into exploring the capacities of your subconscious mind and would like to give this audio a try, please feel free to download it and I would love to read or hear about your experience later, if you feel like sharing that with me.

The goal is to charge your subconscious mind with the possibility of reaching a state of no thoughts and then observe what comes to you in your life thereafter. I hope this audio serves you somehow.


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