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What is your relationship with power?

Updated: May 25, 2019

Today during a very inspiring session with one of my gifted friends the topic power showed up, and in relation to becoming someone big in Life and be able to explore my highest potential.

In my case, even though I had the belief that in practical terms I have been taking care of everything to start enjoying a new life-style and a different career path, the interaction with my friend brought my awareness to some unconscious beliefs I have been holding around the subject power, which were actually working as blockages to my current goals.

Thanks to my dear friend I got in touch with the fact that I have been actually scared of reaching my full potential, basically because, for some reason, I ended up buying the idea that having power leads to negative consequences and when I say power, it can mean spiritual, intellectua, material (money) etc.

Somehow and unconsciously I was in the the mindset that if I grow “too much”, I might get corrupted by that and would end up using these resources for not so interesting purposes.

And one could ask me “why would you do that?!” My answer would be “I just have no idea!”, but that belief was working against me in the background but fortunately with some support this dynamic has been brought to the light (my consciousness) and from now I become more aware of this unconscious pattern, which represents the beginning of a change.

In fact It is not difficult to understand how one gets to the point of being afraid of embracing their own power, since we are daily bombarded by examples of how power can become something destructive, leads one to corruption, dishonesty, abuse of others etc.

Social rules, how we are raised in our family, education, religion, media in general are also very efficient tools of disempowerment, even though sometimes the intention is not consciously there.

BUT the good news is that does not mean that every person would deal the same way with this inner power we all have available, and that when in contact with that resource (be it through more money, spirituality, intellectual faculties , charisma, public recognition or anything that could be mentioned as an example of power to you) we can also produce wonderful outcomes in life.

I am sharing these words with you as as gentle invitation to reflect about your relationship with the subject “power”. And If you want to go a little deeper in this process, check with yourself if you are in fact truly open to get in touch with your own inner force, without having ideas (thoughts) suggesting you that this might now be a good idea or that is wrong, dangerous, inappropriate etc., for some reason.

In fact, we are surrounded by a system which disempowers us constantly, to keep us an easy target for manipulation, but each of us have the choice to put an end to that. And it starts with a decision to do so.

And even though we might have been told the opposite, there is something I would like to reveal to you:

Your power is already there within you. You just need to look in the mirror and say: YES, I ACCEPT YOU IN MY LIFE.

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