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Systemic Coaching and Consulting



My work is based on the principle that we, as human beings, are shaped by our relationships with others (family, friends, social circle etc.), experiences in life, beliefs, cultural background, social conditioning and education. All these points influence our reality in general and sometimes they show up as challenges, but we do not understand why, since their influence stays unconscious to us.


With a methodology based on the family and systems constellations we make these unconscious limitations visible, allowing you to take actions to reach better outcomes in situations we currently must deal with.

Each of us has the power to reach our full potential, by being more aware of what causes us limitations and bringing light to inner blockages we may unconsciously have, and they do not exactly help us to experience fulfilment and happiness.


My goal is to offer you a space of trust, confidentiality and emotional support that you get in touch with your own inner power and wisdom, to handle your situation differently and it is suitable for anyone willing to make changes in their own lives and done in private sessions, which can last between one and two hours.

With a very creative approach, supported by empathy and intuition, you will have a very enlightening experience by using emotions and physical sensations during the session as a way of understanding your current situation from a whole new perspective.


Here are some of examples of what can be explored:

- Physical symptoms
- Chronicle diseases
- Traumas
- Conflicts of any kind
- Challenges faced in life (society, culture, identity, sexuality etc.)
- Emotional struggles
- Relationships with people or specific topics (like love, money, religion etc.)
- Professional challenges
- Decisions to be made
- Questions or ideas
- Our role in the family system or society
- Possible solutions for specific situations (like a project, work etc.)

I am looking forward to working with you!